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A Photographer that’s travelling, or a Traveller that is taking photos?

Posted by on October 5, 2011

This is a bit like which came first, the chicken or the egg. Those that know me socially, know of my love for travel, and that I really like my 4×4 adventures, the further out there the better.  Those that know me through my Photography probably only ever saw a glimpse of that.

Sarah and I have decided to mix our love for Travel and Adventure, and exploring as much of this wonderful planet we all call home, with my passion for Photography and go traveling for 2012, and maybe a little beyond that. We’ve gotten the travel bug pretty badly, so we decided that we really needed to scratch the itch.

We decided to move into a new home, a 4×4 truck with a few creature comforts in the camper on it’s back, and to travel in it full time for a year. We hope to have some interesting adventures, and through the moglander blog, you can all follow these adventures and keep in touch.

We have some interesting projects in mind, and will be explaining them more once we’re on the road and have time to spell out our plans a bit more clearly. As you may guess, they will involve a lot of photography!



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