Travelling photographer for hire!


If anyone wants events covered in South America, drop me a line!


Samples of my current work are over at my blog of our trip through South America

All sports are played in Morocco, and some not in places you might imagine!

Pool in Morocco. And not a swimmer in sight


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3 Peaks challenge by Munster 4×4 in Mallow, Cork, Ireland 2011

I wonder how they do it. Every year I attend this event it runs on some bits of new ground, like it’s a brand new site.  And yet, it’s like and old friend. Everyone knows they may break something. Everyone knows they will get wet at some point or other. But folks keep coming back.

This is a social off road challenge. There are no scores kept, no times or points to keep tally of. it’s just bags of fun. I only made it for 1 day, so I’m afraid I dont have as many photos as normal.

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Canadian Prairies

A few years ago, I visited the Canadian Prairies on a business trip, and got to shoot photos for a weekend while I was there. These images give a taste of what I saw.

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Hot and Dry in Namibia

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So Many Faces

We see them every day, but often do not look as hard as we might. Faces are the most fascinating thing about people, they show age, health, expression, mood. They even speak to us.

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Nature Photography

Nature Photography, specifically wildlife has been a passion of mine for years. Here are a few of my favorites.

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The Hubb – Enniskillen

I had the great fortune to make it to the Enniskillen meeting of the Hubb folks that have traveled all over the world. I probably got more encouragement and inspiration at that one meeting than at any one other time. These are some of the sights I saw.

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Naas Open 2011

I took a few photos at the Naas open. Most can be seen on the Naas Lawn Tennis Club‘s facebook page, it’s worth being friends with them!

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Tanzania Hike

We went for a super hike in Tanzania, this is what we saw.

We wanted to be away from trucks, roads, people, electricity, phones for a few days. Where better than the Rift Valley!

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A Photographer that’s travelling, or a Traveller that is taking photos?

This is a bit like which came first, the chicken or the egg. Those that know me socially, know of my love for travel, and that I really like my 4×4 adventures, the further out there the better.  Those that know me through my Photography probably only ever saw a glimpse of that.

Sarah and I have decided to mix our love for Travel and Adventure, and exploring as much of this wonderful planet we all call home, with my passion for Photography and go traveling for 2012, and maybe a little beyond that. We’ve gotten the travel bug pretty badly, so we decided that we really needed to scratch the itch.

We decided to move into a new home, a 4×4 truck with a few creature comforts in the camper on it’s back, and to travel in it full time for a year. We hope to have some interesting adventures, and through the moglander blog, you can all follow these adventures and keep in touch.

We have some interesting projects in mind, and will be explaining them more once we’re on the road and have time to spell out our plans a bit more clearly. As you may guess, they will involve a lot of photography!



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